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ITF New DLC Skins

Go to my Discord pick up the new TowerLadder6 and Squad2 skins both are DLC for Into the Flames with the CCFRP skin. 

new stat livery N533ME

N533ME has been posted to website for download. You may also visit my Flight Simulator Games/Project page to view all of the liveries I have posted to


4/2/2024 - The files were repackaged and solved some issues people were having with the custom helipads. Also need to make sure you have World Update VI Installed as STAT1 uses a hospital from that package that contains a helipad. 


3/7/24 - For those of you who like the Into The Flames Custom Liveries, if you join my Discord by clicking the button above you will instantly gain access to a library of custom truck skins, ladder boards, mudflaps, grills, and helmets (WIP).

Head over for the just dropped a ETFD Station 140 Engine 4 and Engine 7 Custom Liveries for Engine2 and Engine3 models. 

Livery Requests

If you would like a custom livery for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 for HPG H135, H145, or a Into The Flames livery request please visit my Commissions page on


Congratulations to Artie O. who won the $25 Amazon Gift Card. Thank you for your continued support, and thank you to everyone who entered.

Check your email for your $25 Amazon Gift Card. 

HPG H160 ReleaseD

Hype Performance Group releases the HPG Airbus H160 a day early. Go stop by their website and get yourself the helicopter. We will be reviewing it on an upcoming stream.

LT 38 Gaming



Fictional WWE Themed HPG H145 LUX and CIV models. 

Click Image/Link to the left to be directed to the download page on



Life Net Albany Med H145 HEMS Livery has been uploaded to

Click Image/Link to the left to be directed to the download page on

Upcoming releases

Added a new subpage to this website where you will be able to follow upcoming releases for Aircraft liveries. I am currently only doing liveries for Hype Performance Groups H135 and H145 Action Pack. As they get ready to release the H160 aircraft at the end of this month. I plan to take on those aircraft as well. 

$20 Amazon Gift card GIVEAWAY

So I tried an experiment that failed horribly. I was offering a free $20 Amazon Gift Card to anyone who signed up on to be entered for a random drawing to one lucky person who would stop by the stream. I tried using keywords, hashtags, and soliciting on social media. However, not one person filled out the form. I don't know if Youtube's aglorithm just doesn't like me or what. So, as I was disappointed that I didn't have a winner. I suppose my wife and daughter was happier that I didn't have to give away free money. So it was a win-win I guess? That was then, and this is now. I plan on trying again to see if anyone stops by next time. I don't think I will do $20 maybe we need to increase the stakes a little, just to see what it takes to get people to show up. I mean just one person had to enter and they would have won it. Just mindboggling. Anyway if you don't want to miss out on the next one. You can do a couple things to ensure you know next time we are live. 

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21 May 2023
I have compiled all of the addons that I have uploaded to to my Flight Simulator page for your convenience. These will direct you to the download page on

MSFS Addons Updated

10 May 2023

I have recently updated 3 addon packages on The updates include removing "Runway Starts" and replacing them with only helipad starts. Some helipads may have a STATMedEvac logo on the pad. There is some scaling issue known with some. All have been repackaged on the Build and Export side. So hopefully should improve the addons overall.
- STATMedEvac / LifeFlight Bases (Pittsburgh Area) for Microsoft Flight Simulator | MSFS
- Hospital Helipads (Greater Pittsburgh Area) for Microsoft Flight Simulator | MSFS
- Hershey Medical Center (64PN) and HMC Hangar (8PS5) for Microsoft Flight Simulator | MSFS 

Now available through Commissions | LT 38 ( . You can request livery requests for MSFS Aircraft or Into the Flames vehicle liveries

26 Mar 2023

Nightingale H145 HEMS Livery just released for MSFS uploaded to to be continued to the download page click below

HPG H145 HEMS Nightingale N145NG Livery » Microsoft Flight Simulator